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The EU aims to follow a human-centric approach which respects social differences across the union. Digitalisation is an essential component of the EU's response to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. As such, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the need to accelerate the digital transition in Europe more pressing Based on Digital4Development approach, digitalisation is mainstreamed into EU development policy across four main priority areas: Promote access to affordable and secure broadband connectivity and to digital infrastructure, including the necessary regulatory reforms; Promote digital literacy and skills European industry is strong in digital sectors such as electronics for automotive, security and energy markets, telecom equipment, business software, and laser and sensor technologies. Europe also hosts world-class research and technology institutes Over the past year, all EU countries improved their digital performance. Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands scored the highest ratings in DESI 2020 and are among the global leaders in digitalisation. These countries are followed by Malta, Ireland and Estonia

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Shaping Europe's digital future A European approach to digital transformation means empowering and including every citizen, strengthening the potential of every business and meeting global challenges with our core values At EU level, discussion on the links between digitalisation and the environment have gained momentum in recent years. The European Commission has been systematically looking at the links between digitalisation and the environment especially in the context of the European Green Deal, but also in that of the Digital Strategy and its New Industrial Strategy for Europe

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Commission has established a Digital Europe programme, which underscores the intention to make Europe a leading player in digitalisation and to increase its economic strength and competitiveness on the world stage. The EESC supports ethical principles being observed in any and all activity under the programme. I The Commission monitors 'internet user skills' and 'advanced skills and development' across the EU to ensure people are equipped for the digital decade. Broadband Connectivity in the Digital Economy and Society Inde In fact, some estimates show that the digitalisation of products and services could add more than €110 billion to industrial revenue in Europe over a relatively short time frame of five years, so it is easy to see why the economic rationale for greater digitalisation is so powerful. 1 Yet digitalisation is clearly not just about economics and the geopolitical ramifications of a proliferation of digital technologies is becoming a mainstay of international politics today. 2 The.

Digitalisation is key to industry competitiveness and thereforehas become an EU priority. The EU has been forging a cross-policy approach and programmes to ensure a solid policy framework, finance research and infrastructure, develop standards and connectivity, and use data effectively In recent years, the EESC has produced a substantial number of opinions concerning the fast development of information and digital technologies showing how involved organised civil society is in this revolution. We firmly believe that the digital revolution needs to benefit and include all people, especially vulnerable people, while striving to eliminate existing digital divides and prevent. EU countries fall into four digitalisation groups, based on the Digitalisation Index score: frontrunners, strong, moderate and modest. Denmark is the 2019/2020 digitalisation frontrunner, followed by the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Finland Europe's economy is experiencing the early impact of digitization, with some correlation between productivity growth and digital intensity across sectors. The impact on the labor market is mixed with widespread dislocation of workers but a proliferation of digital tools that offer new ways of working, matching skills, and acquiring skills In general, digitalization is seen as the road of moving towards digital business and digital transformation, as well as the creation of new - digital - revenue streams and offerings while doing so. And that requires change. This is why many people interchangeably use digitalization and digital transformation (so do we often)

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In 2018, the WHO Regional Office for Europe launched the WHO/Europe initiative for Digitalization of Health Systems as an immediate European regional action for delivery the WHA Resolution on mHealth/digital health urging Member States to prioritize the development, evaluation, implementation, scale-up and greater utilization of digital technologies, as a means of promoting equitable, affordable and universal access to health for all. 32 At the Member States' level, European. Digitalisation surges in Europe during the pandemic Wed, 10th Feb 2021 The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has prompted an unprecedented shift online of people's day-to-day lives, both in Europe and around the world, via remote working, virtual socialising and home schooling At yesterday's State of the European Union 2020 speech, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasised the importance of the EU's leadership in digital; To highlight the path towards digital leadership, DIGITAL SME is launching a new campaign to raise awareness about Sustainable Digitalisation; The campaign's first major event will be a #DIGITALSMELive Webinar on 15 October to. How Germany's EU Council Presidency is driving Europe's digitalization forward and which digital strategies will help Europe out of the crisis. Three questions, three answers. Read more A cloud for science. In the European Open Science Cloud, researchers can store their data securely and exchange them across borders

EU lags the US in digitalisation; Digital businesses outperform non-digital ones in growth and job creation; In the fight against the Coronavirus, digital technology is playing an unprecedented role in the maintenance of daily life and economic and social activities, as well as in the recovery of industry and business Digitalisation versus Digital Transformation - What is What? A lot of companies simply try to modernise existing process of business areas with the help of digital technologies. That is too little. Digital transformation is more than digitalisation - find out why this is important for you

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The project DigitaliseSME (Digital Enablers in SMEs: Support for Digitalisation to Enhance SMEs' Capacity to Go International and Innovate) is an EU-funded project that supports the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies as well as of mid-caps in Europe.It connects companies to digital experts, referred to as Digital Enablers EU publications. Download Order. Digitalisation and its impact on innovation Publication metadata Innovation is generally seen as good. Promoting innovation especially in the digital economy is often deemed vital. Increasing the level of innovation, after. Digitalisation can facilitate positive change, but only if policy makers undertake efforts to understand, channel and harness digitalisation's impacts and to minimise its risks. While there is no simple roadmap to show how an increasingly digitalised energy world will look in the future, the IEA recommends ten no-regrets policy actions that governments can take to prepare

EU Social Partners agreement on digitalisation It is dealt with in a variety of ways by EU member states, due to different social and economic situations, labour markets and industrial relations systems and existing initiatives, practices and collective agreements Digitalisation is therefore fundamentally transforming the way we live and work together. It has consequences for the well-being and cohesion of society as a whole; as well as deep impacts for businesses in all sectors, through effects on productivity, employment, skills, income distribution, trade and the environment Digitalisation and the euro area and EU economies, Occasional Paper Series, No 244, ECB, Frankfurt am Main, June 2020. Digitalisation may also have welfare effects which are, however, not looked at in this article Responsible: IMPACT CoC. Managed by Fundación General de la Universidad de Alicante (Campus San Vicente del Raspeig, 03690, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain. info@digitisation.eu) Main purpose: Management of user subscription and information about IMPACT Centre activities. Legitimisation: Contractual relationship Only four EU countries lead the US in digitalisation - EIB launches new report on digitalisation in the EU and US In the fight against the Coronavirus, digital technology is playing an unprecedented role in the maintenance of daily life and economic and social activities, as well as in the recovery of industry and business

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  1. g an organization using new possibilities offered by digital technologies
  2. Pillars for a successful European strategy for public health digitalization Political commitment: strong political commitment and government leadership are needed to implement digital public... Normative and regulatory frameworks: a clear set of regulation should support interoperability to allow.
  3. The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) is a system of connecting objects and equipment to transmit digital information. IoT is driving the rapid pace of digital adoption across multiple industries. Digitalisation can bring various benefits to day-to-day operations such as enhanced control over the gas quality and cost reductions. Therefore, TSOs look at data-driven solutions to boost performance.
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  1. In her speech, she emphasised the need to focus on digital skills and digitalization in education, a human-centric approach to digitalisation, and digital identity development. This is the first time digitalisation is a defined priority, Commissioner Urpilainen said, referring to the Digital Europe Programme, the first financial instrument of the EU for European projects on digital that.
  2. (TAX3) to discuss tax challenges posed by digitalisation, especially regarding new business models and value creation process, the impact of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) actions, unilateral measures and recent tax developments in the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) while evaluating alternative approache
  3. The digital economy is a key sector in which technological innovation and services can be boosted, as well an essential driver of productivity growth. For this reason, in line with the main goals of the EU's Digital Agenda, the EIB is committed to supporting Europe's growing data traffic, by investing in high-speed internet, mobile networks and cloud computing

on the digitalisation of Europe? In the wake of COVID-19, the way people work, socialise, and buy goods and services in the EU has been transformed, with a fundamentally more digital experience in many everyday activities. At the same time, th Digitalisation can help us pick up the green pace. How can the Nordic and Baltic countries use digitalisation to drive forward a green recovery? This was on top of the agenda when Nordic and Baltic ministers for digitalisation met with EU-Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager

Experts from around Europe gathered to discuss CARPE DIGEM project good practices for digitising tourism in COVID 19 times Type: Project. 30/10/2020 How digitalisation can support tourism in crisis CARPE DIGEM partners and stakeholders will explore how digital Innovation reinforced by local and international cooperation can help. Regulatory effectiveness in the era of digitalisation Context The rise of the digital economy is one of the defining features of the 21st century.Digital technologies affect societies and economies in many ways, including via new means of communication and collaboration; new products that feature a strong service component; th The digital competencies of parents who guide students with special needs are important. It will be better for students with special needs to adapt to further learning processes such as distance education, hybrid learning, and blended learning with their parents' training on digitalization DIGITALISATION AND WORKERS PARTICIPATION: WHAT TRADE UNIONS, COMPANY LEVEL WORKERS AND ONLINE PLATFORM WORKERS IN EUROPE THINK Report summarizing the results of the ETUC online survey on Fair Digitalisation and Workers Participation and othe

Digitalisation for productivity and growth SUMMARY Many observers believe that Europe is at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, considered to be the fourth such leap forward and hence labelled Industry 4.0. The ubiquitous use of sensors, the expansion of wireless communication and networks, th Digitalization has been heralded as the next engine of growth for the economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the idea that digitalization can transform the region's economic model has never been more relevant than amid the current coronavirus pandemic

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You can't move towards digitalization if you haven't digitized enough yet. True, by digitizing paper-based information and business processes, there are ample benefits to realize: you can lower the risks of errors, speed up processes (paper-based processes are slow and prone to errors), enhance customer satisfaction, lower operating costs and to some extent change and improve specific. The WZB research group Politics of Digitalization (POLDI) investigates how today's societies make sense of and shape the digital transformation. For this purpose, the group examines and evaluates the strategies, competences and practices that contribute to the governance and regulation of digitalization and its consequences for society Digitalisation and productivity: In search of the holy grail - Firm-level empirical evidence from EU countries This paper assesses how the adoption of a range of digital technologies affects firm productivity The digitalization effort is a whole-society effort, and only the government can effectively orchestrate the coordination and provide the necessary supporting resources. The EU case highlights this point. The European Union has declared the 2020s to be the digital decade, and keen observers will surely agree with the EU's assessment

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In her speech, she emphasized the need to focus on digital skills and digitalization in education, a human-centric approach to digitalization, and digital identity development. This is the first time digitalization is a defined priority, Commissioner Urpilainen said, referring to the Digital Europe Programme, the first financial instrument of the EU for European digital projects that will be. Enabling Digitalization in Europe 08 March 2021. Europe is looking to create a regulatory framework to support the growth of digital assets. The financial services industry is going through a major digitalization process and adopting new innovative technologies, as it looks to improve client experiences and support emerging asset. EDDIE is a four-year Erasmus+ EU funded collaborative project creating a Sector Skill Alliance (SSA) to develop a long-driven Blueprint for the digitalization of the European Energy sector. The Consortium is coordinated by COMILLAS and brings together 16 partners from 10 EU Countries

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  1. Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital (i.e. computer-readable) format. The result is the representation of an object, image, sound, document or signal (usually an analog signal) by generating a series of numbers that describe a discrete set of points or samples.The result is called digital representation or, more specifically, a digital image, for the object, and.
  2. ing and big data analytics are beco
  3. e the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for sectors from education and digitalisation to urban mobility and medicine—and for your everyday life.. To find out what coronavirus means for the public sector, we spoke to Aris Pofantis, lead.
  4. implementation of digitalisation activities. Indeed, as some of the non-EU ARLEM members are highly centralised or are going through a decentralisation transition, digitalisation efforts fall outside of sub-national governments' competencies (Bergh, 2012; CoR, 2016). In the West Bank, the situation i
  5. Digitalisation EMSA provides digital services to well over 150 different national authorities acrossthe EU and EFTA member states, as well as to the European Commission and relatedEuropean bodies. By integrating and correlating data from EMSA's applications and external sources, services are delivered responding directly to a user's specific needs
  6. Council adopted conclusions on the digitalisation of transport. The Council adopted conclusions on the digitalisation of transport. The conclusions underline the importance of this issue for the European economy and competitiveness, and confirm the EU's ambition to become a global leader in this area

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  1. - Digitalization is a top priority for the Norwegian government, says Trond Helge Bårdsen, ICT Counsellor at Norway's EU Mission. Though not an EU member, Norway is part of the EU digital single market through the EEA Agreement, and therefore included in the rankings. - Being included in the index is important
  2. Digitalization In Central And Eastern Europe: Building Regional Cooperation ATLANTIC COUNCIL 3 Executive Summary Digitalization can become the next growth engine for the economies of Central and Eastern Europe. To successfully transition to a digital future, the region must work together to create ecosystems that foster innovation, prioritize in
  3. The two pieces of legislation under negotiation between the two EU legislators, respectively on taking evidence and on service of documents, aim to make judicial cross-border cooperation between national courts more efficient through digitalisation in civil and commercial matters
  4. Alongside business innovation, digitalization - the development of digital innovations - is one of the most important business trends for the future of the economy. Companies need to develop digital strategies and focus on what are the key success factors of digital transformation. Digitalization has many different aspects, which are explained in this article
  5. OIL AND GAS Automation & Digitalization Conference 2021 With an intense 3-days agenda, the conference seeks to expand in-depth discussions, techniques and applied knowledge along with technological challenges of oil & gas digitalization
  6. The digitalisation of safety and importance of effective cyber security as risks increase. Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Safety, Security, Yachting and Passenger, Inmarsat Maritime, said: The evidence is clear that digitalisation in the yachting sector continues to grow

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  1. Automation & Digitalization Conference 2021 30/05/2021 - 09:12 This conference brings together key players of the oil & gas industry, to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies, by means of digitalization in dealing with the current and future challenges of the upstream, midstream and downstream sector
  2. Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business
  3. Save the date for the Digitalization of Batteries for Smart Energy and Transport Systems online workshop on 5th May 2021. The workshop will take place online and will gather battery experts from research and industry, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digitalisation of batteries for the energy system of the future

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Digitalisation: An opportunity for Europe. A new report, Digitalisation: An opportunity for Europe, shows how increased digitalisation of Europe's services and value chains over the next six years could boost the European Union's GDP per capita by 7.2% - equivalent to a €1 trillion increase in overall GDP. The report, commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by Deloitte, looks at the. Leading digitalisation in Europe. Skills, connectivity & experience to lead Europe in the successful transformation to a digital economy. The Nordic region, although a collection of three smallish countries in Northern Europe, is an engine of digitisation with the skills, connectivity and experience to lead Europe, if not the World in the successful transformation to a digital economy

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Responsible: IMPACT CoC. Managed by Fundación General de la Universidad de Alicante (Campus San Vicente del Raspeig, 03690, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain. info@digitisation.eu) Main purpose: Management of user subscription and information about IMPACT Centre activities. Legitimisation: Contractual relationship Evidence on the impact of digitalisation on social services is limited, in part because many of these technologies are still emerging, but there is some evidence that the automation or reduction of administrative processes allows staff to increase their productivity and to dedicate more time to care-related tasks If the digitalization of Europe is to succeed, then, according to von der Leyen, EU-wide standards are needed. A standard is a uniform design, in this case meaning a common language for different machines connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) Towards a Pillar on Digitalization & Technological Innovation in Europe: Impact of Digitalization on Core Values, Regulation & Enforcement. The aim of this project is to analyse and understand how the development of digital technology and innovation impacts the basic principles of the law, the core values and what needs for regulation and enforcement it creates


Digitalisation and digital skill gaps in the EU workforce1 @Cedefop's European skills and jobs (ESJ) survey reveals that more than 7 in 10 adult employees in the EU need at least some fundamental ICT level to be able to perform their jobs. Yet, about one in three of those employees are at risk of digital skill gaps Boosting Railway Digitalisation thanks to EU research and innovation. As it is becoming increasingly evident that digital connectivity is changing the current transport landscape and its continued development is expanding the demand for mobility, UNIFE held a digital event on 27 April, as part of its year-long 2021 European Year of Rail discussion series, to explore with EU decision makers and. ThingWave's vision on Industry 4.0 is to provide our customers with technologies and expertise on Condition monitoring, Digitalization of processes and mines, plus safety and security. Our idea is to help our customers with solutions for reducing costs for maintenance, increased safety and security, large-scale monitoring of equipment, machinery, and others The Media Barometer 2019. The Media Barometer 2019; Follow Nordico Digitalisation World is, quite simply, the most comprehensive, leading information resource covering the key technologies that underpin the digital revolution. Call Us: +44 (0) 2476 718 970. Email Us: hello@digitalisationworld.co

Digitalisation . Digitalisation is one of the 3 pillars of CEER's 3D Strategy for the period 2019-21.CEER will follow-up on the priorities and recommendations from CEER's 2019 Conclusions Paper on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System, published here Digitalisation also contributes the successful integration of all sectors of the economy, providing solar companies with a whole new world to explore. Through our Digitalisation and Solar Workstream, SolarPower Europe is developing the answers to the following questions and many others In Europe, for example, only 25.5 percent of 5G spectrum has been released to member states. The slow release is, in large part, due to a near-sighted focus on gathering industry fees and taxations, rather than harnessing the overwhelming long-term benefits - financial, societal, environmental - of releasing spectrum sooner and getting enterprises up and running on 5G quicker Enabling Digitalization in Europe Supporting the Digital Ecosystem. In addition to introducing flexible and harmonized European wide regulation overseeing... Mitigating Operational Risk in a Digital Ecosystem. While digitalization and innovative technologies can usher in new... Next Steps to the.

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Brussels, 25 th February: A new report, Digitalisation: An opportunity for Europe, shows how increased digitalisation of Europe's services and value chains over the next six years could boost the European Union's GDP per capita by 7.2% - equivalent to a €1 trillion increase in overall GDP. The report, commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by Deloitte, looks at the five key measures. Facts about digitalisation in the European Union Ultrafast connectivity of at least 100 megabits per second (Mbps) is available to 58% of households and the number of subscriptions is rapidly increasing. 15% of homes use ultrafast broadband: this figure is twice as high as just two years ago and five times higher than in 2013 The EU's Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies are stepping up their mutual cooperation on digitalisation. Earlier today, the Heads of JHA Agencies came together for a virtual annual meeting, chaired by Eurojust, where they had a first exchange on Artificial Intelligence and digital capacity building, training tools and innovative learning Set up under the European Union Work Plan for Youth 2016-2018, the expert group on 'Risks, opportunities and implications of digitalisation for youth, youth work and youth policy' provides policy recommendations, training needs and good practice examples in developing digital youth work across the EU. Twenty-one Member States nominated a representative to this expert group from diverse.

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Digitalization, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. He believes that it is necessary to revise Annex 17 to the Association Agreement and take into account the context in which Ukraine already exists today. To date, Ukraine is far ahead of even some EU member states in this area, the Deputy Head of the President's Office stressed EIGE's research shows the many ways digital technologies are benefiting young people in access to learning, friendship, information and actions for social change. It also shows that aggressive behaviour online is anticipated and normalised Digitalisation World is a comprehensive portfolio of products which cover the key technologies that underpin the digital revolution. Digitalisation World brings together Angel Business Communications' established, market-leading brands in the data centre, storage, security and managed services sectors, alongside coverage of newer technologies and business developments, including Big Data and.

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Digitalisation - EU can lead by creating a sound ethical framework 'Big data' analysis and modern supreme audit institutions: tearing down the walls of data kingdoms A is for Accountability - oversight in the age of artificial intelligence 88 By Janar Holm, Auditor General, National Audit Office of Estoni The pandemic changed our way of life in ways no one could anticipate. Yet it also accelerated trends that had already begun, such as the digitalisation of the economy. Many companies have gone online and with the lockdowns all companies needed to choose this path; be it for visibility or for selling goods directly On Thursday, Belgium organizes, together with the Slovak EU Presidency, a High-Level Event on Digitalization for Development. In the Egmont Palace, the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Pellegrini, the European Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip and the Director General of the International Organization for Migration, William L. Swing, will discuss this topic with other speakers Europe needs a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. Digitalization has potential to contribute in a significant way to objectives of common European interest including a smarter and sustainable mobility. European and national authorities encourage the development of an integrated transport system and a better use of the.

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The OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project aims to create a single set of consensus-based international tax rules to address BEPS, and hence to protect tax bases while offering increased certainty and predictability to taxpayers. Addressing the tax challenges raised by digitalisation has been a top priority of the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework in BEPS since 2015 with the. A Growing Community of more than 140 public authorities at local, regional and national level and organisations responsible for social services representing more than one million professionals across Europe and beyond Digitalization represents one of the most pressing challenges of our time. The future of societal and political participation, economic prosperity and good work depend on how we make sense of digital technologies and the Internet The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the costs associated with delaying digitalization and GovTech implementation and the opportunities that lie in public sector modernization. Citation World Bank. 2021. Europe and Central Asia Economic Update, Spring 2021 : Data, Digitalization, and Governance Germany will spend 90% of the 28 billion euros ($34 billion) it expects from the European Union's 750 billion euro recovery fund on climate protection and digitalization, by far exceeding EU. Digitisation Versus Digitalisation. In the above ex­am­ples, both John and Jane have digi­tised a part of their busi­ness process, but Jane's busi­ness process is more dig­i­talised. She is lever­ag­ing digi­ti­sa­tion to im­prove busi­ness processes to a greater de­gree

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