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Added info on code quality 3 03:43, 7 May 2017 (UTC) I think that this series has to do with 1790: Sad. (please sign your comments with ~~~~ 18 members in the skullkid2424comics community. Me. Reading some webcomics 1513: Code Quality; 1695: Code Quality 2; 1833: Code Quality 3; 1926: Bad Code; 2. 2138: Wanna See the Code This comic is the fourth in the Code Quality series: 1513: Code Quality; 1695: Code Quality 2; 1833: Code Quality 3; 1926: Bad Code; 2138: Wanna See the Code? Ponytail has caught Cueball in the act of writing some messy code — code in the form of a spreadsheet formula, which in turn produces another program in a language called Haskell

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  1. Xkcd code quality 3. Code Quality 3. (alt-text) It's like a half-solved cryptogram where the solution is a piece of FORTH code written by someone who doesn't know FORTH Batmobile Version! Direct image link: Code Quality 3
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  3. In all seriousness, I think this is actually a really good measurement of code quality. It's basically an indicator of how well something conforms to the principle of least surprise. 22. level 2. therugi. 7 years ago. wtf log wtf. And you can get the entropy H (X) by taking the -summation of all the wtf log wtfs. 12

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It's interesting that one of the referenced papers, Pseudo Random Number Generators in Programming Languages, displays the XKCD comic right on its first page. #4. goto (10 links) goto is a construct in some programming languages which allows to make an unconditional jump to an arbitrary point within a program or function, skipping all currently executing loops or statement blocks xkcdとは 世界一で最も人気のあるウェブ漫画の一つです xkcd: Code Quality 3 ランダル・マンローが2005年9月に開設 皮肉や風刺が得意。理系ネタが結構多い。 現在は週3回更新されている キャラやフォントが特徴的 これとか皮肉が効いてていいですね A command-line tool to extract the values of Xpath expressions from HTML and XML documents. clixpath's distinguishing features are intended ease of use and producing output that can be parsed programmatically. Supports value extraction analogous to captuure groups in regexp. A companion utility to clixmod Code Quality 3 - コード品質3 - XKCD日本語訳 | naglly.com; Code Quality 3 - コード品質3 - XKCD日本語訳 | naglly.com

Challenging Our Edge Computing Theory: What Tech Retailers May Turn to for Salvation via Schneider Electric Blog https://blog.schneider-electric.com July 20, 2018 at [ 海外で人気のウェブコミック「XKCD」のエピソード「Code Quality 3 - コード品質3」の英語を日本語に翻訳し、解説を付け掲載しています A library to get a random cartoon image url from 11000+ cartoons. It also contains the scrapers for many cartoon websites. - 0.2.0 - a Python package on PyPI..

According to the State of Code Quality 2016 survey, the top 3 ways to ensure code quality are: Regular code reviews. Unit testing. Functional testing. In fact, half of the respondents are doing meeting-based code review and 72% of them are doing over the shoulder code review while 63% of the respondents are doing tool-based code review 3 Comments to The only valid measurement of code quality And quick google doesn't really show me anything for XKCD! Can you provide me the link please - I'll be happy to put it up. Reply to this Comment. December 18, 2009 at 8:15 am . Nacimota says: I feel the sudden urge to check xkcd. Reply to this Comment XKCD Code Quality. by Brent Humphreys | Published May 23, 2017. This series of comics from XKCD has got to be one of my all time favorites. Funny; AUTHOR Brent Humphreys. Brent is Principal Technology Strategist at Stone Technologies where he works with clients to develop manufacturing technology strategies that help them meet their business. It would be very easy to re-post pretty much everything from xkcd, and I'm trying hard to resist, but this is just too delicious to let pass, as it explains perfectly the dilemma of code quality in climate models (and is much shorter than my Do Over or Make Do talk):...oh, and that reminds me to grab the link to that one about how obnoxious physicists are when encountering a new subject

Code Quality via xkcd.com Code Quality via xkcd.com. Posted on infosnack. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) I've moved. You can now find me on infosnack.net. Reading List. New England Journal of Medicine Posted by Jack J. Woehr, May 5, 2017 10:14 A xkcd: Code Qualit . High quality Xkcd inspired Scarves by independent artists and designers from around the world. Printed on light chiffon fabric, Redbubble's scarves will keep you cool in summer and stylish in winter. They feature full-length prints on a 55 (140cm) square canvas As many of you know, I actively participate on Stack Overflow, the leading Q/A website for software developers.. Kind folks on Stack Overflow have made their data open for examination, and anyone can query their database using this web interface at data.stackexchange.com.. Many of the questions and answers there are illustrated with links to XKCD, the web comics created by Randall Munroe

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WTF Per Minute - An Actual Measurement for Code Quality Cars have MPH (Miles per Hour) that measures the speed that they travel. The better the car the faster the MPH or speed. Developers have WTFPM (WTF per Minute) that measures the number of 'Works That Frustrate' that the developer can read per minute, aka code quality Subscribe to the Level-up Engineering Podcast. Ensuring code quality when your software team is growing rapidly is a huge challenge. But even with a constant number of software developers, maintaining code quality can cause headaches. Without tools and a consistent system, the whole project can accumulate a huge technical debt, causing more problems in the long-term than it solves in the short.

XKCD is famous for producing perhaps the most popular, funniest, and downright best webcomics. The webcomics appeal to nerds and geeks and particularly focus on computer science. The comics cover a range of topics which include dinosaurs, love, programming, a number of internet memes, as well as popular websites such as Facebook Dendron Vault of XKCD Comics. Dendron Vault of XKCD Comics. Dendron - XKCD with using Dendron . Root; XKCD; XKCD. Solar System Cartogram. 3/19/2021 . Siri. 3 Code Quality 3. 5/5/2017 . Photo Library Management. 5/3/2017 . Here to Help. 5/1/2017 . ISS Solar Transit 2. 4/28/2017 . Geochronology. 4/26/2017 . ISS Solar. 6.12. Generating a Password XKCD Style¶ Nobody likes to change their password, and its always hard trying to come up with a new password. In this lab we'll solve that problem using a solution posed by the popular XKCD comic. Lets start by creating a traditional random password composed of numbers, letters, and a few special characters

Any readers will know that the bulk of xkcd comics are simple black-and-white images with stick figures and you can see this reflected in the almost ¾ to ¼ ratio of monochrome to coloured images. The two images with alpha channel are Helping ( #383 ) and Click and Drag ( #1110 ), most likely because of the soft image effect and interactivity, respectively xkcd 1683 - Digital Data Let's say you are building an archive of the Internet, including all of the cat pictures and funny memes. You only have a limited amount of space, so you really want to use that space in the best way you can A quality code does not necessarily meet all of the above-mentioned attributes, but the more it meets, the higher its quality.These requirements are more like a priority list that depends on the characteristics of your business. If you get excited by quantitative measurement and want to put metrics behind code quality measurement, you could apply the following software metrics I'm also very open to feedback on code-style and documentation. #! python3 # downloadXkcd.py - Downloads every single XKCD comic. Webscraper that downloads xkcd comics. Checks if comic already downloaded so for increased efficiency on rerun. Two run modess: Full and Quick Full mode goes through every comic

Feb 8, 2020 - Tints XKCD Color dusty purple #825f87 hex. HEX colors #8f6f93, #9b7f9f, #a88fab, #b49fb7, #c1afc3, #cdbfcf, #dacfdb, #e6dfe7, #f3eff3, #ffffff. Brand original color codes, colors palette Code Shaming. I was inspired to share this confession by today's XKCD comic about Code Quality: The whole comic is rather mean-spirited- the. Android Open Source - Widget/xkcd. Widget; XKCDNowWidget XKCD Now Android Widget Score:5 Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:19 Java File:3 Manifest File:1 ;. The current version of matplotlib (1.3.1) supports xkcd-style plotting, but when I follow the basic instructions for generating such a plot (in iPython 1.1.0), %pylab plt.xkcd() plt.plot(sin(linsp.. d. In the web app model code e. None of the above 6. Which of the following is not a CERT security practice? a. Adhere to the principle of least privilege b. Sanitize data sent to other software c. Use effective quality assurance techniques d. Validate input e. None of the above (i.e., all of them are CERT security practices) 7. T or F http: //xkcd. com/327/ Security: Exploits & Countermeasures . Menu. About us; DMCA / Copyright Policy; Privacy Policy; Terms of Servic

Implement an XKCD-936-compliant password generator in Python 3, in less code than this Ça m'étonnerait fort xkcd est connu internationalement et a un trafic bien supérieur à celui de linuxfr.org Il y a quelques années ce comic a provoqué 378000 visites en 1 jour sur une page Wikipedia qui n'en recevait que 1000 en moyenne The xkcd-style wasn't applied (as you can see in my linked image), everything else works fine. :) But the problem is solved by the accepted answer - I was using an outdated example for matplotlib 1.3 while using matplotlib 2.2. Sadly, the documentation of matplotlib doesn't give a clue which version you are looking at. My bad

All Xkcd Computer Problems Flowchart written assignments are thoroughly checked by our editors on grammar, punctuation, structure, transitions, references, and formatting errors. We carefully read and correct essays so that Xkcd Computer Problems Flowchart you will receive a paper that is ready for submission or publication. We guarantee that Xkcd Computer Problems Flowchart you will be. XKCD, Code Quality via the inimitable Randall Munroe at XKCD. Permalink from XKCD, Code Quality Posted by Lavina Bentley at 2:08 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Marc Handelman. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom

Comparison between X11/CSS4 and xkcd colors¶ The xkcd colors come from a user survey conducted by the webcomic xkcd. 95 out of the 148 X11/CSS4 color names also appear in the xkcd color survey. Almost all of them map to different color values in the X11/CSS4 and in the xkcd palette. Only 'black', 'white' and 'cyan' are identical From that paper, As a result, glacial trees were operating at c i values much closer to the CO 2-compensation point for C 3 photosynthesis than modern trees, indicating that glacial trees were undergoing carbon starvation. and this graph which shows that plant starvation was worst at about the time that XKCD flagged the entry of carbon dioxide in his cartoon I think that this actually points to a really big change xkcd has made over the years: This comic is only funny if you look at the concept within the very narrow field of the eagle has left the nest but few other phrases, in other words, the phrase used in the comic is one of the few points that lie in the intersection between phrases biologists use and phrases cliched secret agents use

undefined xkcd funny code quality. 1. 23. avedis. 3347. 5y. every damn time. undefined good practice xkcd meh. 3. 23. Hedgepig. 6568. 4y. I see posts about automating your work flow, but if your aim is to save time by automation consult this handy chart. undefined xkcd wk38 is it worth the time. 4. 23. superroot. 1128. 5y xkcd: QR Code titled Remember, the installer is watching the camera for the checksum it generated, so you have to scan it using your own phone is not only freaking out mobile app use

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An XKCD comic — and its many remixes — perfectly captures the absurdity of academic research, writes the Atlantic (in an article shared by Slashdot reader shanen). It argues that the cartoon captured the attention of scientists — and inspired many to create versions specific t.. Y-AXIS XKCD . Automated Imagination: XKCD Color Name Maps , The Word Sustainable is Unsustainable Comics English , LEECUNLIFFE.COM , xkcd: Escalators , pylab examples example code: multiple yaxis with spines.py , xkcd: Fiction Rule of Thumb , xkcd: Settled , cctg , Piitas blog 3D stuff, Blender and LuxRender Page 2 , 中æ-‡xkcd漫ç»ç´¢å¼• †Inspired Life! , 0803.

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Generating a Password XKCD Style¶ Nobody likes to change their password, and its always hard trying to come up with a new password. In this lab we'll solve that problem using a solution posed by the popular XKCD comic. Lets start by creating a traditional random password composed of numbers, letters, and a few special characters This article is within the scope of WikiProject Comics, a collaborative effort to build an encyclopedic guide to comics on Wikipedia. Get involved! If you like to participate, you can help with the current tasks, visit the notice board, edit the attached article or discuss it at the project's talk page. B This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's quality scale

This is what code is supposed to do: WORK. By the same measurement Trabant was a good car since it could transport people between point A and B. It didn't do it safely or well but it did it. Not saying OSnews v2 and v3 was like Trabant (I liked both v2 and v3), only that it works isn't a good measurement of quality Here is the publication-quality graph I displayed in the article: If I had known about xkcd() plotting when I wrote it, this is what I would have done: The rough, seemingly hand drawn nature of the graph provides a visual hint as to the imprecision of the results. Here is another example, which I'm stealing from Eric Liu Announcement Died in a Blogging Accident has lived up to its name and died... in a blogging accident. That is to say it has concluded. You can still re-live the magic by clicking here to start at chapter 1. For genuine criticism of XKCD, please click the top link to the right (XKCD Isn't Funny) For example, the code below uses three types of geometric objects in the same plot, for the same data: points, a line and a confidence band. Figure 3.9: A scatterplot with three layers that show different statistics of the same data: points (geom_point), a smooth regression line and a confidence band (the latter two from geom_smooth) 1465: XKCD Phone 2 1549: XKCD Phone 3 1548: 90s Kid 1545: Strengths and Weaknesses 1542: Scheduling Conflict 1541: Voice 1535: Words for Pets 1527: Humans 1526: Placebo Blocker 1524: Dimensions 1523: Microdrones 1522: Astronomy 1520: Degree-Off 1519: Venus 1518: Typical Morning Routine 1511: Spice Girl 1497: New Product

25 Feb 2009 Who's Your Coding Buddy? I am continually amazed how much better my code becomes after I've had a peer look at it. I don't mean a formal review in a meeting room, or making my code open to anonymous public scrutiny on the internet, or some kind of onerous pair programming regime. Just one brief attempt at explaining and showing my code to a fellow programmer - that's usually all. List of named colors¶. This plots a list of the named colors supported in matplotlib. Note that xkcd colors are supported as well, but are not listed here for brevity. For more information on colors in matplotlib se

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By sharing this code on CodeReview, it becomes a distributed denial-of-service. Just in case it wasn't clear : don't do that. I suppose the load of XKCD servers is high enough that your code won't make any noticeable difference. Still, the primary goal of your code should be to stay under the radar I bumped into this XKCD again today. I love this cartoon, but I have a whole prez on the possibly invalid assumptions behind this cartoon. Let's do that, but as a tweet thread, because it's Friday Xkcd Coupon Code, online recharge coupon code generator, amazon coupon code 2019 march, bealls coupon texas 2020. Pizza Crust (5) View Deal Ends 2019-11-28. Canned Vegetables (5) Guacamole, Queso & Salsa (2) The Childrens Place Posted at 2019-11-14 13:04:44 High quality Xkcd gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Due to the playful nature of OTTers, OTC-related games have become a popular pastime within the Time fandom and even beyond. 1 Games Created by OTTers 2 In-Thread Games 3 Outside Puzzles 4 OTTer-made Puzzles Some forum users have created and played games that are OTC-related and/or have found some popularity among fellow OTTers. Sandcastle Builder Monomolpy Timeventure! (discontinued) Catapult.

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Xkcd code Quality 3, xkcd: code quality 3. Lacheln-estupido.com DA: 20 PA: 21 MOZ Rank: 52. WTF Per Minute - An Actual Measurement for Code Qualit ; Xkcd Coupons 2020 - Flat 50% Off [Verified] Discount Code; Xkcd.com Coupon Codes 2021 go to xkcd.com Total 15 active xkcd.com Promotion Codes & Deals are listed and the latest one is updated o One guy argues it could also be used to help convey information on the quality of data or methods used, especially for back-of-the-envelope calculations. You can test the feature out with this demo. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from numpy import sin,cos,linspace plt.xkcd() plt.plot(sin(linspace(0,10))) plt.plot(cos(linspace(0,10))) plt.title(My first XKCD) plt.show( Braden Best for pointing out the issues when installing from source apart from his valuable input. 5.2 To-do [x] add xkcd-dl --download-latest [x] add xkcd-dl --download=XKCDNUMBER [x] add xkcd-dl --download-all [x] add xkcd-dl download-range <START> <END> Comic 733: Code Words. short post today as I am seriously going to try to catch up on all e-mails, comments, and that nearly forgotten. Optical illusion. Dress Color. Linguistics. Quotative Like. Technically. Language Nerd. Etymology Man. Wrong Superher XKCD is a popular geek webcomic with a website that fits this structure (see Figure 11-6). The code in the for loop writes out chunks of the image data (at most 100,000 bytes each) to the file and then you close the file. The image is now saved to your hard drive

Indeed not all xkcd's are even intended to be actually funny. Many do, however make important points in a way that's thought provoking, and at least sometimes they're amusing while doing that. (I personally find it funny, but I find it hard to clearly explain what, exactly, makes it funny to me Here is a slightly improved/updated version of the solution developed by Peter Frentrup and published at Jan 15, 2010 on the xkcd forum.The changes I have made are to put Image as the second argument for Rasterize, explicitly convert the result to grayscale and use ImageData for extracting channel values (all these features were not present in Mathematica 6 with which the original code was. Python Code Quality: Tools & Best Practices. See how to improve the quality of your Python code. We'll analyze and compare tools you can use to take your code to the next level and make it more Pythonic. Whether you've been using Python for a while, or just beginning, you can benefit from the practices and tools talked about here Posted 5/21/20 11:45 AM, 127 message Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B. 3. RATING •Sample quality criteria (Atkins et al., 2008) 1. Study is qualitative 2. Research questions are clearly stated 3. Approach is appropriate for the research question 4. Qualitative approach is justified 5. Study context is described 6. Role of the researcher is described 7. Sampling.

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Xkcd Coupon Code & Xkcd.com Promo Codes September 2020. Get xkcd.com coupon codes and promo codes. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of xkcd.com and save up to 50% when making purchase at checkout. Shop xkcd.com and enjoy your. 3 used; Submitted: 1 day ag Matplotlib is participating in a research project being conducted by NumFOCUS to understand diversity, inclusion and barriers to participation in NumFOCUS-sponsored projects and the wider open source community. The survey will take 15-20 mn to complete. We would appreciate your contribution by May 31, 2021. Click here to participate in the surve


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The xkcd Python Sample Code by xkcd demonstrates how to use the xkcd API. Developers can add the ID of a comic into an URL, returning a JSON object as a result. No API key required ; Natural Parenting is the 674th xkcd comic. On one hand, every single one of my ancestors going back billions of years has managed to figure it out 01_SETeaming.pdf - Software Engineering CSC326 \u2013 Spring 2019 Dr Sarah Heckman XKCD Good Code \u00a9 NC State Software Engineering Facult Writing code is not just about writing correct logic, it's also about formatting it in a consistent way so that it can be reusable, optimized, and understandable. Sometimes there can be som OK * checking extension type Package * this is package 'xkcd' version '0.0.3' * checking CRAN OK * checking dependencies in R code OK * checking S3 generic/method consistency compacted 'xkcd-intro.pdf' from 1392Kb to 296Kb consider running tools::compactPDF(gs_quality = ebook) on these files * checking.

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3. Which of the following is an authentication method? a. Secret question b. Biometric c. Password d. SMS code e. All of the above 4. T or F? In role-based access control, each user is assigned one or more roles, and the roles determine which parts of the system the user is allowed to access. a. True b. Fals 12 XKCD strips that show the truth about AI by Frederik . In this post, we'll review the efficiency of several methodologies for applying a function to a Pandas DataFrame, from slowest to fastest: 1. Crude looping over DataFrame rows using indices 2. Looping with iterrows() 3. Looping with apply() 4. Vectorization with Pandas series 5 I saw an interesting challenge on StackOverflow last night to create an XKCD style chart in R. A couple of hours later & going in a very similar direction to a couple of the answers on SO, I got to something that looked pretty good, using the sin and cos curves. The list of Vexera's commands, give some a try! +osu - Shows osu! stats for a user. Valid options are: `best`, `recent` and `user`. Valid modes are: `standard`, `taiko`, `ctb` and `mania`

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int x[3] char x 0x9cd0f0ad 01101011 Objects Arrays Primitive types Addresses bits Java code C++ code C code x86 code IBCM hexadecimal High-level language Low-level language Assembly language Machine code Xkcd Thesis Committee did not expect such generosity, especially given that my project is large, hard, and urgent. What can Xkcd Thesis Committee I say? Getting some extras is always a treat, and I love your approach to attracting customers and giving some small pleasing benefits to returning clients xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. The comic's tagline describes it as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Munroe states on the comic's website that the name of the comic is not an initialism but just a word with no phonetic pronunciation Creating an XKCD style chart. Of course, you may want to create your own themes as well. ggplot2 allows for a very high degree of customisation, including allowing you to use imported fonts. Below is an example of a theme Mauricio was able to create which mimics the visual style of XKCD.In order to create this chart, you first need to import the XKCD font, install it on your machine and load. Image assets might be based on still frames from the title, special on-set photography or a combination thereof.Assets could also stem from art generated during the production of the feature. As seen above, image assets typically have gradients, text and graphics, for example the Netflix symbol or other title-specific symbols such as The Witcher insignia, composited on the image

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May 5, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Tony Koop. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres I recently came across this XKCD comic which gives you a number of facts about autogyros: Image is copyright XKCD, licensed under CC 2.5 BY-NC. I'm not sure if this is satirical or really drawing attention to some very odd real-world facts, or a mix of the two. Statements: Looks like a helicopter, but is nothing like a helicopte This xkcd comic (Frequentists vs. Bayesians) makes fun of a frequentist statistician who derives an obviously wrong result. However it seems to me that his reasoning is actually correct in the sens DDI Lifecycle (or DDI version 3) is richer and may be used to document datasets at each stage of their lifecycle from conceptualization through to publication and reuse. It is modular and extensible. Version 3.2 was published in March 2014. Both versions are XML-based and defined using XML Schemas

Inspired by the recent question about xkcd styled plots I started looking at xkcd again and I came across a comic titled Click and Drag.And if you do that, you start exploring a larger drawing. A much larger drawing. How large? I don't know, but I spent about half and hour exploring it before my arm wore out Save this discount code: 15OFFJUST4U. Get My Discount. Take Quality Work From Us And Pay What You Think Explain Xkcd Thesis Defense Is Appropriate For Explain Xkcd Thesis Defense A Cheap Essay Service! Let us imagine this scenario. You are given an assignment by your professo First, let's get a few things out of the way: In real life, we can't put a metal pole between the Earth and the Moon.[1]For one, someone at NASA would probably yell at us. The end of the pole near the Moon would be pulled toward the Moon by the Moon's gravity, and the rest of it would be pulled back. Hi there,I've spent the last days catching up on papers—before inevitably falling behind again once ACL papers are released. With EACL just behind us, ICLR happening right now, and NAACL still some time away, here's a round-up of some of my favourite papers from each conference so far.This newsletter also contains some reflections on research progress (including discussions of improvements. College students - with Good Thesis Offense Xkcd term papers. And university Good Thesis Offense Xkcd graduates - with thesis papers. Knowing all ins and outs of how to write A-grade papers, we're willing to share this knowledge with Good Thesis Offense Xkcd you and help become a more successful student. Let's keep it between us and tell no one

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