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Große Auswahl an Gtx 1080 Ti Ti. Super Angebote für Gtx 1080 Ti Ti hier im Preisvergleich GTX 1080Ti Test & Vergleich: Die besten Produkte aus 2021 gesucht? Die besten Gtx 1080ti im Test und Vergleich 2021

This will also work on the GTX 1080i and Titan XP but your overclock settings will vary. Please understand that overclocking your card can cause serious damage, so Inside NiceHash Miner click on the gears icon in the top right corner. Navigate to the Advanced Settings tab. Scroll down and locate ETHpill toggle. Enable ETHpill

If you have middle 1080 Ti variant then use these settings. tdp : 80% - 120%. core clock : +75. memory clock : +400 . If you have lower 1080 Ti variant, founder Power limit. 230 W. Core clock. +150 MHz. Memory clock. +500 MHz. Overclock values for Nvidia GTX 1080Ti are only a reference point for this type of GPU so use them at GPU 2 - EVGA GTX1080ti SC w/ iCX cooler: Power: 120. Core: +110 (2012MHz) Memory: +435 (5437MHz) Temps: 63C (~80F Ambient) Average: 796 Sol/s. EDIT: Remember

Gtx 1080 Ti Ti kaufen - Gtx 1080 Ti T

I have 2 1080ti's. I was looking at the 1070's they seem to have the highest roi at 9.2 months to pay off at $1.28 per day. It seems that the 1080ti roi is 11.8 After properly installing and configuring the tool, GTX 1080ti cards should output up to 50 Mh/s, while GTX 1080 ones up to 40 Mh/s. Again, this only works for Welcome to the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti overclocking guide! In this article, I will be covering everything from NVIDIA's infamous Boost 3.0 technology to the actual Mining with Nvidia on Windows (P2 and P0 States) Ethereum Mining on Pascal (GTX 10xx Series) Ethereum Mining Overclocking on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) Mining. How to overclock GPU for Ethereum mining Boosting GTX1080/Ti & Titan XP using ETHlargementPill Kryptex is superior to pools. Still not sure why? How to

GTX 1080Ti Test 2021 - Top Modelle & Neuerscheinunge

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Overclocking and Mining Hashrate. 18, Jun 2016. Time for some overclocking of the GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition and running the tests We used MSI Afterburner to overclock in Windows 10. Make sure to install the latest NVIDIA drivers for Windows 10. Watts calculated in the software is the same as the

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking for Mining To maximize hash rate you are probably going to need to configure additional settings. Choose an optimal GPU EVGA X99 FTWK / i7 6850K 4.5ghz / GTX1080 Ti FE Hybrid / 32GB Corsair LPX 3200mhz / Samsung 850Pro 256GB / Corsair AX1200 / Window 10 Pro Fire Strike 24,163 Fire

Ethereum mining best settings on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

GTX 1080 Ethereum Mining Overclock Settings Hashrate & Power Consumption | MSI Armor - YouTube The GTX 1080 Ti memory only comes in one form, which is GDD5X and made by Micron. From looking at many different results across the Web, the overclock is extremely The OhGodAnETHlargementPill tool has been available for a while now and has been widely used by miners with Nvidia-based GPUs with GDDR5X memory such as the GeForce Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC price and availability last updated 103 minutes ago. $1,419.00 Buy from Amazon (Available Now) $954.89 Buy from Walmart (In Stock) Today an article slash guide dedicated on overclocking the GeForce GTX 1080. Can we take it towards 2000 MHz ? Yes we can. Armed with a new trick or two

Increase GTX 1080/1080 Ti mining performance by 50%

Compared to GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060 has an amazing overclocking potential. For the testing purposes, we were using ВК Gigabyte Geforce GTX 6Gb run on a dual-core MSI GTX 1080 Ti Ethereum Mining Hashrate Overclock MSI GTX 1080 Ti Ethereum Mining Power Draw. Ethereum Dual Mining Blake2s and LBRY. Verge (XVG), BlakeStar Best Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Variants For Mining Before buying my 1080 ti's I searched a lot for finding the best 1080 ti variant for mining. For my mining rig I Bestelle Nvidia® GeForce GTX 1080 Ti günstig im NBB.com Online Shop! Jede Woche neue Angebote. 24-Stunden-Express Lieferung, 0% Finanzierung möglich Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC price and availability last updated 103 minutes ago. $1,419.00 Buy from Amazon (Available Now) $954.89 Buy from Walmart (In Stock) 719.99 Out of stock at Newegg Compare with other GTX 1080TI 11GB mining GPUs Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC Hashrate Mining Spee

Mining Overclock Settings For Nvidia Cards : GTX 1060,1070

The OhGodAnETHlargementPill tool has been available for a while now and has been widely used by miners with Nvidia-based GPUs with GDDR5X memory such as the GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti No 1080Ti, but I'm mining with my gaming rig (1070 founders edition) and getting 31 MH/s with overclocking. As @wcryan and @techtot said, 1080Ti is too expensive to be cost effective for real mining farms, but you can always mine with it on your gaming rig when you're not using it, as I do with my 1070. My dedicated mining rigs each use 6x Rx480's, which are much better in terms of cost per MH The increase in performance may vary considerably depending on the model. Additionally existing overclocking settings such as memory clock offset may need to be adjusted to maintain stability. Note: Cudo Miner must need to be run as Root/Admin, Nvidia GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti, GTX 1070, GTX 1060 cards are supported. AMD Windows Core Clock Offse OhGodAnETHlargementPill (Tablet for mining GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti) is released only for GDDR5X memory.This tablet is intended for users of Nvidia video cards based on GDDR5X video memory (GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti) and significantly increases the hashrate when mining cryptocurrencies using the Ethash algorithm (Dagger Hashimoto) In the initial GTX 1080 Ti review, I wasn't able to finish all the tests I wanted to include. I've been busy running additional benchmarks, and I have a few updates in the works. For this first.

Cryptocurrency mining is a lucrative business. Confessions of a Miner show you how with initial capital and strategy mining equipment alone can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you are just starting out, we've got you covered. This article is about mining basics, overclocking, and useful tips and tricks EVGA X99 FTWK / i7 6850K 4.5ghz / GTX1080 Ti FE Hybrid / 32GB Corsair LPX 3200mhz / Samsung 850Pro 256GB / Corsair AX1200 / Window 10 Pro Fire Strike 24,163 Fire Strike Extreme 14,452 Fire Strike Ultra 7,711 Time Spy 10,35 2 - The best overclock is not the higher clock that your card can get without crashing. Its the clock that give you the best performance in a benchmark test. 3 - Don't flash a different BIOS in your videocard. The components that we will use are: - Motherboard MSI Z270I Gaming Pro; - Gigabyte 1080 TI Gaming OC 11GB; - Kraken G12; - Kraken X62 I have a 1080 Ti in a custom water loop with 4 radiators, 15 fans, 2 pumps, fan controller, etc and mine maxes out at 37c under heavy gaming with an unlocked bios and overclocking it. It is entirely possible for these cards to run nice and cool ASUS Strix 1080TI Overclocking Overview It's no secret that the NVIDIA Pascal architecture is monumentally fast. In the last 3 years alone, the expectation we have of real-time rendering has grown exponentially. With faster hardware available to the masses, games developers are free to explore vastly more resource intensive visual effects

I got mine today and put an evga 980ti watercooler on it. I haven't tested it much with my schedule but running +500 memory and +160 core with no problems at 46c load temp. In Ghost Recon Wildlands I used to get 55-65 fps at 3440x1440 with one 1080 (because SLI crashes it often). Now with the overclock I'm getting 90-100 fps GTX 1080 Ti. The hash rate of GTX 1080 TI is 32.04 MH/s which is better than the previous GTX 1070 version. The earlier version 1070 had a hash rate of 26 MH/s which can somehow be overclocked to 30 MH/s. In GTX 1080 version, the hash rate can easily be overclocked up to 35 MH/s in Ethereum if we overclock memory+300m MHz It is the most productive and affordable video card for gaming and stands out nicely among GTX 1060 and the more expensive GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti. Moreover, gamers would be happy to buy this video card from you, should you like to sell it. Boosting MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G for mining purpose NVIDIA GTX 1080 SERIES ETHEREUM HASHRATE: GTX 1080 TI: The hash rate of GTX 1080 TI is 32.04 MH/s which is better than the previous version 1070. The earlier version 1070 had the hash rate of 26 MH/s and it can be somehow overclocked to 30 MH/s. This test was performed using the claymore dual Ethereum miner on windows 10

MSI's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X comes with a decent overclock out of the box and uses the company's signature TwinFrozr thermal solution which promises good temperatures and low noise at the same time. It's also priced significantly lower than the competing card from ASUS Huge, heavy, and fast: with the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11G, MSI christens a dreadnought capable of massive firepower. It approaches perfection, exhibiting just one weakness worth mentioning Our GTX 1080 Overclock. I am not even sure where to begin. When I produced this kind of article for the GTX 970 & 980, GTX 980 Ti, and GTX TITAN X, I didn't have to fuss that much to achieve an overclock that was as stable as it was impressive. I encountered the opposite kind of ease when tackling overclocking on the GTX 1080, however EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming at Amazon for $1,899.99 During our stress test, the power limit's constraints are more palpable, manifesting as lower clock rates and, consequently, lower temperatures.

Most profitable coins and expected revenue for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti mining. $36,908.89 $157.31 $2,654.34 $271.17 $68.76 $195.06 $183.95 Follow @WhatToMine dark mode GP Best Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Variants For Mining Before buying my 1080 ti's I searched a lot for finding the best 1080 ti variant for mining. For my mining rig I required cards with - 1. Best Cooling - Neglect founder editions (one fan) and 2 fans variants. 2. Heat Sink - Thicker the card heatsink means better cooling. 3 GeForce GTX 1080 Hashrate for Mining. GTX 1080 may be a high-end graphics card by Nvidia that was introduced in May 2016. it's been the company's top solution for nearly a year until the announcement of 1080 Ti. the most feature of the graphics card is 8GB of GDDR5X memory

Nvidia GTX 1080Ti mining calculator ⛏️ minersta

Here we see the GTX 1080 Ti clean out both 1080 offerings by 15-20%, even though they're rocking a factory overclock. This is definitely enough to put the GTX 1080 Ti on par with a Titan X Pascal. Moving on to the next two tests, HWBot Heaven Extreme and Unigine Valley, we see something interesting Hi guys, I just installed my Aorus 1080 TI non-extreme edition. So running stock is fine, clock speeds run at 1569MHz (1683 MHz boost). I decided to play around with the clock speeds with MSI Afterburner. First thing I did was adjust the power limit to 150% and core voltage to 100%. After.. MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X Review With the reference boards being reviewed, the AIB partners from Nvidia now have their custom boards ready. In this article we'll look at the fastest graphics card. GTX 1080 TI: 770 Hash/s: Equihash: 1987 MHz: 6054 MHz: EVGA: Nvidia: EVGA GTX 1080 TI Hashrate : GTX 1060 OC v1 Micron: 23.3 MHash/s: Ethereum: 77-60 MHz +590 Micron memory MHz: MSI: Nvidia: MSI GTX 1060 OC v1 Micron Hashrate : GTX 1080 TI Gaming: 780 Hash/s: Equihash: 200: 2000 MHz: 11456 MHz: Gigabyte: Nvidia: Gigabyte GTX 1080 TI Gaming.

Final 1080ti Mining Overclock : zec - reddi

Overclocking a mining GPU is a staple of mining cryptocurrency. It is almost a guarantee that if you are mining any type of coin overclocked GPUs are in play. It's also possible you've found it to be very frustrating to do. One could consider it much like tuning a car. There is almost as much art that goes into it as there is science When mining Ethereum the speed and latency of the memory and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE so looks like that is around the score you'll get on an overclocked 1070 Ti video.

NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards OC settings for mining

  1. ing whatever brings best profit and trading for whatever coin you want. Still money made speculating Dogecoin. 1080 are holding value, you might be better off cutting losses and buying another card. I did this with 2 1080's. I bought 2 1060 for the same price including eBay fees and getting 19mhs from each
  2. e some ether for holding. Parts Graphics Cards: Zotac 1080ti Amp Extreme Core Edition x3 Motherboard: Asrock b250m pro4 Ram: Generic Kingston 8gb x1 Hardrive: Western Digital 2tb sata3 Power Supply: Andyson PX Series 1200W 80 Plus Platinum Certified Cpu: Intel Kaby Lake Celeron G3950 3.0ghz dual core Risers: v6 with 6pin pcie powe
  3. ing. Based on its hashrate, power consumption and price a nice balance is struck between cost effectiveness of the card, running costs of electricity and deliverable in terms of hash rate. Average Mining Performance. Default: 26 Mh/s. Overclocked: 31 Mh/
  4. ing Etherium or other memory intensive algos, keep core clock around 1100Mhz (*1080 might need this a bit higher to be stable). For Cryptonight or Equihash or other core clock intensive algos, keep core clock higher (the higher, the better, depends on GPU quality)

Step-by-step Tutorial: Tablet for 1080Ti up to 55 MH / s

GTX 1080 is a high-end graphics card by Nvidia that was introduced in May 2016. It has been the company's top solution for almost a year until the announcement of 1080 Ti. The main feature of the graphics card is 8GB of GDDR5X memory. Its performance is similar to that of Radeon RX Vega 64 by AMD and the new GeForce RTX 2060 Above: 2080 Ti, Below: 1080 Ti Mining algorithm. In general, ETH's Ethash algorithm and ZEC's Equihash algorithm are the popular choices for testing GPU mining performance The ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC is the first custom-design GTX 1080 Ti we are reviewing. It comes with a newly designed thermal solution that no longer uses DirectTouch heatpipes. Also included are a generous overclock out of the box and a load of features for the enthusiast gamer

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 TI Mining Hashrat

  1. Performance for 144,5 - ZHash Maximizing speed GPU Performance for Equihash 144,5 * We report OC values that we set in Linux. Memory clock in MSI Afterburner should be half of the indicated values. Ex. mem=+200 here, means mem=+100 in MSI Afterburner. GPUs were not all in the same environment. GPU ECO Performance for Equihash 144,5 * We read mor
  2. Performance for 150,5 Maximizing speed GPU Performance for Equihash 150,5 * We report OC values that we set in Linux. Memory clock in MSI Afterburner should be half of the indicated values. Ex. mem=+200 here, means mem=+100 in MSI Afterburner. GPUs were not all in the same environment. GPU ECO Performance for Equihash 150,5 * We report OC values read mor
  3. Steps to overclock. STEP 1: Before running the test, it should be made sure that the fan speed is set to 100% in Afterburner in 1050 TI OVERCLOCKING for maximum cooling capacity. This will increase the noise production of the fans, but it's a price one may have to pay, wanting to squeeze extra performance out of your 1050 TI OVERCLOCKING
  4. Overclocking Preparation. Squeezing very last drop of performance from your Strix GTX 1080 requires having the correct tools. Essentially you only need two programs to overclock your graphics card: one to make the real-time changes and monitor the graphics card's vitals and the other to test the overclock's stability

Overclocking is as easy as ever, with the GTX 1080 Ti receptive to around 1,950MHz. I was quickly able to get a stable looping Unigine benchmark at 1,950MHz without the GPU throttling back The RTX 2070 SUPER vs. the GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking Showdown with 40 Games. This overclocking showdown is a follow-up to the RTX 2070 SUPER Founders Edition (FE) review where we are now focusing on its overclocked performance versus the overclocked GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition. Today, we have optimized and maxed-out our RTX 2070 SUPER and GTX 1080 Ti overclocks with all performance options set. Msi ventus RTX 2080 TI OC mining with NiceHash Msi ventus RTX 2080 TI OC You have probably the worst or one of the worst 2080 ti's, I doubt it has much overclock headroom in I7 8700k, ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H, G.Skill TridentZ 32GB, EVGA 1080TI SC Black, EVGA 850 GQ, Acer KG251Q 1920x1080@240hz Spare RIg Corsair Air.

Making GTX 1080 Ti GPUs fit for this task is truly difficult and this is not the card for that. Perhaps the Xtreme model would fare better, but we will have to wait and see. You want a powerful yet quiet card that will deliver in every game there is right now and in the future. You can't go wrong with the AORUS GTX 1080 Ti 11G The GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti is a high-end graphics card by NVIDIA. Breakthrough performance, power efficiency, and thermal technology made this a go-to graphics card for serious gamers. It's a new era for gaming and cryptocurrency mining

Choosing an overclock for 1080 ti with nicehash

  1. Powered by GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Integrated with 11GB GDDR5X 352-bit memory interface WINDFORCE Stack 3X 100mm Fan Cooling System Advanced Copper Back Plate Cooling AORUS VR Link provides the best VR experience RGB Fusion 2.0 - synchronize with other AORUS devices Protection Metal Back Plate Built for Extreme Overclocking 12+2 Power Phases.
  2. Similarly, another user set his core overclock to +200, memory at +700, and TDP at 60%. They were able to get 461 Sol/s using 107 watts, which is 4.31 Sol/watt. That's more efficient than the GTX 1070 hashrate or the 1080 Ti hashrate and efficiency! GTX 1070 Ti Mining Review Summary: It may be too early to tell
  3. Hyped as the Ultimate GEforce, the 1080 Ti is NVIDIA's latest flagship 4K VR ready GPU. It supersedes last years GTX 1080, offering a 30% increase in performance for a 40% premium (founders edition 1080 Tis will be priced at $699, pushing down the price of the 1080 to $499). It also supersedes the prohibitively expensive Titan X Pascal, pushing it off poll position in performance rankings

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is an Ethereum mining monster: overclocked cards deliver nearly 100 MH/s, double the Radeon RX 5700 XT The GeForce RTX 3080 could turn out to be the GPU of choice for. NVIDIA officially claims GTX 1070 Ti to be an overclocking monster: We designed the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti to be an overclocking monster with plenty of headroom for gamers to crank up the clock speeds. And our partners have built cards with thermals and power supplies that allow gamers to push performance way past stock specifications It comes with a large overclock out of the box, which turns into a 7% performance uplift over the GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition at 4K. 2017.05.05. Hwardware BBQ . The ZOTAC GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme- the fat king of kings! 2017.05.02. Guru 3D . The ZOTAC GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme edition as tested is a very impressive product that ticks almost all. Hello everyone. I am looking for the optimal parameters to overclock my mining rig. Atm, i am using 6 of those: I'm mining with NiceHashMiner, for overclocking i use MSI Afterburner 4.4.0. Beta 12. Nvidia drivers 384.76 My current values are: Core Voltage (%): +2 Power Limit (%): 150 Temp. Limit (C): 90 Core Clock (Mhz): +40 Memory Clock (Mhz): +100 Fan Speed (%): 98 (manual setting) Looking. OhGodAnETHlargementPill is a tool that increases the hash of the GTX 1080, GTX 1080 TI, and Titan XP when mining Ethereum. EthlargementPill is a tool from OhGodACompany that improves Ethereum mining performance on high-performance NVIDIA-based GPUs with GDDR5X memory

GTX 1080 and GTX 1080ti Hashrate Increase Up To 55 MH/s on

  1. g or rendering and
  2. Table 4: Extreme overclocking steps and guidance. Again these are typical steps and LN 2 scaling numbers of what most 1080 Ti KINGPIN cards can achieve. While KP 1080 Ti PCB design is indeed capable to push GP102 GPU to it's limits, the actual result still varies per specific GPU s silicon samples and system/configuration + benchmark used. . Factors such as chip leakage, thermal grease.
  3. ing goes, the 1070 Ti
GeForce GTX 1080 Overclocking Guide With AfterBurner 4Best Overclock Settings for GTX 1080 ti when mining ZcashMSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Mining Performance Review

How profitable is mining with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti can generate more than 72.32 USD monthly income with a 39.59 MH/s hashrate on the ETH - Ethash (Phoenix) algorithm Continue reading 1080 Ti AMP Extreme 780 h/s Disclaimer We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites Manage your GPU mining farm from one cloud dashboard. Our mining software will let you overclock, undervolt and manage mining without pain Warning ! There is some risk about flashing an other bios on a GPU, no need to specify that the autor of this tuto or overclocking.com will not be take in responsibles in case of bad manipulation. Source of this bios and tuto and nvflash: How To Flash A Different BIOS On Your 1080 Ti. - Overclock.net - An Overclocking Communit Believe it or not, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is still a solid value in 2021. What a beast of a card! This EVGA model provides a hash rate of nearly 38 MHash/s for Ethereum mining while consuming a very low amount of electricity at approximately 150 Watts As opposed to other answers for this question, I offer a yes. The reason I say yes is that I recall watching a video from Bitwit, where he did EXACTLY that. Video.

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